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LED Frenzel goggles NK-1



Products Summary

Goggles for eye movement observation

Model No.   #1 01 11100  Frenzel goggles body
#1 01 11101  Head band

LED Frenzel goggles NK-1


● Light weight for easy carry
● Brighter light can be secured with White LED
● Battery box is attached for easy handling
● Color availability: Blue or Red

LED Frenzel goggles NK-1


P/No #1 01 11100
Dimensions W150 x D100 x H65 (mm)
Weight 280g (Including battery)
Illumination White LED
Battery Lithium battery CR123A  Power voltage: 3V
Option Headband #1 01 11101
General name Frenzel Goggles NK-1
Risk category General medical equipment
Specified maintenace management medical equipment Not applicable
Installation maintenance medical equipment Not applicable
Medical equipment permit No 13B1X00138040019